Main activities of “Baiken-U” LLP

Kharasan-2 Mine is one of the most successful, since the ore recovery from the ore horizon makes 90%.

At North Kharasan field, mining is carried out by in-situ leaching method. This is a method of development without raising ore to surface by converting natural uranium into productive solution directly in the depths. This mining technology completely excludes any sources of dust release and reduces the hazard of radioactive contamination.

The method is contained in construction of technological wells, combined into technological blocks, through which the leaching solutions are supplied from the surface to the ore-bearing aquifer, their forced filtration with leaching from uranium ores and then the rise of uranium-containing productive solutions to the surface and their transportation to a processing complex for the sorption extraction of uranium.

At the moment this is the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly and high-technology method in the world.

The design production capacity of Kharasan-2 Mine is estimated at two thousand tons of uranium per year, with a projected life of the Mine of at least 30 years.

The main activities of Baiken-U LLP are:

  • mining and processing of natural uranium;
  • production of U3O8 finished products;
  • of products.