Company history

In recent times, the share of electricity in the world produced by nuclear power plants has been growing every year. Consequently, demand for the energy carrier - uranium is increasing proportionally. The Republic of Kazakhstan takes a leading position in the world as the largest producer of natural uranium and Baiken-U LLP makes a significant contribution to strengthening these positions.

Baiken-U LLP conducts exploration and industrial mining of uranium at the North Kharasan deposit, which is a large deposit of the Syrdarya uranium ore province and in accordance with the plot plan for development of uranium industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2005 it was divided into two areas: Kharasan-1 and Kharasan-2 Areas located in Zhanakorgan district of Kyzylorda region.

Construction of Kharasan-2 Mine was carried out from 2007 to 2012.

In 2008, a testing area was put into operation, which included: sulfuric acid warehouse, WS and PS settling tanks, pump station, storage building and several prefabricated houses for offices for specialists.

In 2008, an equity participation was accepted in financing the construction of a bridge across the Syrdarya river and an asphalt road connecting Zhanakorgan with Kharasan-1 and Kharasan-2 Mines.

In 2010, a modern rotational complex, Administrative and Household Facilities and Physical-Chemical Laboratory was put into operation.

The first module of Productive Solutions Processing Plant was launched on May 16, 2012.

Refinery was launched on November 12, 2012.

At the deposit, mining is carried out from ore horizons located at a depth of 600 to 700 m, this is one of the deepest deposits in Kazakhstan. The main objective was to prove the industrial benefit of the mine, eliminate the accumulated shortcomings, select the most optimal exploration and mining technology, for which specialists with unique, extensive work experience were involved, all kinds of analyzes were carried out, geophysical data were rechecked, field experiments were carried out and as a result, a systematic increase in production began in 2010.