Company Information

Baiken-U LLP was established in March 2016 with 100% participation interest belonging to Kazatomprom NNC JSC and it was aimed at development of trading, economic and scientific-and-technical cooperation in the sphere of prospecting, production, processing and distribution of uranium raw materials within the framework of the industry program “1,500 Tons by 2010”. 

Later on, Baiken-U LLP was reregistered due to changes in the founding membership.  Kazatomprom and a consortium of Japanese power companies “Energy Asia Limited” hold participation interest in the Partnership, which are as follows: 95% belongs to Energy Asia Limited and 5% - to Kazatomprom NNC JSC.

Baiken-U LLP carries out activity of the natural uranium production at the Kharassan-2 site of the Northern Horassan field of Kyzylorda region.   This field is the deepest one where uranium is produced by underground well leaching (UWL) method.

Baiken-U LLP activity comprises geological survey operations, study of economic and technological aspects and recovery of uranium by the UWL method as well as production, storage, transportation and processing of uranium-bearing ores, sale of the marketable product and investment activity.  All types of activity are carried out by the company in strict compliance with all environmental standards and requirements of the Kazakhstan legislation.  The Partnership applies in its work the most environmentally friendly and advance technologies eliminating possibility of environmental pollution.